MyLiveTracker • Portal for real-time tracking of people and vehicles 

    MyLiveTracker provides high performance, real-time tracking of people and vehicles for use with common tracking devices or special smartphone apps. GPS positions, mobile-network data, heart rate data and text messages can be displayed and monitored at the portal. Integration of status indicators or even small maps into your website or other applications can be done with ease.
MyLiveTracker is a privately run, non-profit project, which is funded exclusively by donations. If you would like to use this service free of charge, please send an email to the support to obtain an account. Please provide the following information: Your first name, last name, email address, tracking device, a brief description of how you intend to use our portal.
For more information - including configuration instructions for the most popular tracking devices - please visit our MyLiveTracker-Forum.

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 Supported trackers / smartphones / software 
 • Apple iPhone via Send Location     • Nokia S60 Mobiles via Aspicores GSM Tracker ab V3  
 • Apple iPhone via YourTracks     • Nokia S60 Mobiles via A. Fischers AFTrack  
 • GSM Tracker Xexun TK102-2     • GSM Tracker Incutex TK5000 / Wonde Proud SPT10  
 • Meiligao GSM Tracker VT310, GT60, GT30X     • BlackBerry via brandsemotion beGPS  
 • Android Smartphone via MyLiveTracker, A. Fischers AFTrack, GPS2OpenGTS Pro     

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  • [15.08.2016] 23:09:50: Version 1.5.0 ist online. Mehr im Forum.  
  • [22.10.2012] 21:48:48: Die Version 1.4.1 ist online - Firefox funktioniert nun!  
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